My name is Hélène Derijcke.

For more than fifteen years I have been working intensively on my personal development and my spiritual growth.

I followed various courses, including:

Reiki with Myriam van Acker (https://www.myr-i-am.com/).
A multi-year shamanic training with Frank Coppieters and Kathy Melcher (Living light Center).
Enneagram, Course in Miracles, Evolutionary Consciousness with Frank Coppieters and Kathy Melcher (Living light Center) and self-study.
A 4 year training in alchemy to raise the frequency of thoughts and one’s own vibration to activate the light body, with Jim Self (https://courses.masteringalchemy.com/)
Several courses with Lee Harris.
QHHT level 1 and level 2 practitioner training, with Julia Cannon (https://www.qhhtofficial.com)

Merkabah training, with Maureen St. Germain (https://stgermainmysteryschool.com/)
Akashic Record Reading, with Maureen St. Germain

Twice a year I go on a retreat to Glastonbury (Avalon) to re-energize and connect with the heart chakra of the world.

Glastonbury 2023

Looking back…

In my younger years I had a strong left brain. I loved math and science dearly, as others love sports. All my energy went there. Still, studying at university did not suit me and I stopped after my second bachelor’s year in mathematics. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in applied computer science and started working as a programmer.

Gradually my right brain got more attention by allowing my intuitive and creative sides more. They have always been there, but reason always wanted to see an explanation and the usefulness. Whenever I noticed a synchronicity, I always looked for a rational explanation.
I viewed metaphysical subjects with the necessary skepticism. Let alone information about angels, reincarnation or UFOs, my rationale couldn’t handle that for a long time. The church and the abuses within the church also aroused fierce reactions in me. The concept that there would be a supreme being above me seemed very strange to me.

And yet those subjects fascinated me time and again. Already around the age of 16 I liked to read articles about astrology and palmistry, tarot reading, spirituality. I voluntarily took religion classes to understand the perspective of the church. Of course with the necessary distance from my ratio.
At that time we did not have the internet with unlimited access to all the knowledge of the world. So it was more difficult to come across esoteric information. In my circles I knew a person who was involved in the paranormal. This piqued my curiosity and opened me up to look at it.
Coincidentally, I started reading books by Paolo Coelho. The book “The Alchemist” touched me enormously. I recognized characteristics of myself in the main character, including following his intuition. The powers of manifestation and creation that I had always had as a child were awakened again.
James Redfield’s “Celestine Promise” was another revelation. Something resonated deep within me that wanted to be heard. “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman and his subsequent books opened me further on the path of spirituality.
Suddenly a world of possibilities opened up for me and little by little I learned to trust my strong intuition. It was an inner battle. At the time, society looked down upon the vagueness of intuition.

After the birth of my daughter I took yoga classes where I first heard about Reiki. I was very suspicious, but was persuaded to do the initiations anyway. This further opened up my inner knowing and made me curious for more.

In 2012 I experienced a huge acceleration. I met fascinating people who pushed me further on the spiritual path. For example, I went to Avalon (Glastonbury) for the first time, on the advice of a tarot reader, all by myself, and experienced a real initiation into the energy lines that are strongly felt there. The legend of the Grail, King Arthur and Merlin became my guiding principle. I also met a special psychic councellor Sabrina Dearborn (https://sabrinadearborn.com/) who gave me more insights about my mission in life.

The interaction with a soul mate was very confrontational and mirrored all the parts of myself that I hadn’t looked at until then and that I wasn’t always proud of. It was a self-discovery journey.
Later that year I attended a shamanism and Reiki retreat in Arizona led by Frank Coppieters, Kathy Melcher, and Phillis Furumoto (Grand Master Reiki), after which I continued training in shamanism with Frank and Kathy. They introduced me to the Enneagram.
This was a huge revelation for me. Finally I could better understand the world around me and better understand the different types of personalities. The Enneagram also freed me from an image that we have to be perfect in every way to be complete. I realized that, as a type 8, I especially had to guard my innocence in order to be a higher version of myself. I can now fully respect the path of others instead of wanting them to think and feel the same way.

Meanwhile, thanks to the internet, I discovered spiritual teachers like Yogananda, Tim Whild, Sadhguru, Osho, Mooji, Steve Nobel. Each of them had something compelling to say that made me look further inside. But what I noticed is that each of those teachers were human beings too. That has always saved me from extolling them and helped me to listen to the message and take in what resonates and leave what doesn’t. That freedom has always been very important to me.
I follow Lee Harris since many years. I love what he does and the integrity he seems to have. He has interesting trainings and courses.

In 2018 I happened upon Jim Self’s Mastering Alchemy course. This course was taught by the Archangels and the ascended masters through the channeling of Joan Walker. Although I was still skeptical, I was drawn to the topics broached.

The alchemy that is taught has to do with changing the frequency of thoughts, changing the harmonies of matter and applying the element of love to achieve a desired result. So not to turn lead into gold.
The Mastering Alchemy courses bring concepts and tools to discover and create more well-being for yourself. This is how I discovered how emotions and thoughts shape your world and how you build a solid foundation emotionally, mentally and energetically by clearing the thoughts, old patterns, habits, beliefs and emotions of others to find more freedom, to be yourself .
In a next phase I rediscovered who I really was in relation to All That Is. In this way I built a new consciousness and activated and integrated the first seven layers of the Lightbody system, an expansive energetic system.

The depth of the messages, the lessons and the build up of my light body have completely changed my life.
I have now come to a point where I no longer have to “believe” in archangels and other energies, but just know through my own experience.
This changes everything. Once experienced, there is no turning back. From then on, the gates of spiritual growth open wide and you can move freely in other dimensions. Shamanism had already left that door ajar since what is experienced there is already “otherworldly”. The alchemy course transformed my hesitation into a deep experience.

The biggest transformation happened with learning how to set and guard my boundaries. Simple exercises that finally gave me the opportunity to stop being absorbed by the feelings and thoughts of my environment. From there it was then possible to clear my emotional and mental baggage, layer by layer, and build my light body. The course was completed after four years. But as Jim Self says, this is just the beginning of the journey.

Since 2020, I have been exchanging weekly with Sandy Bundy, the mystical shaman from Portland, Oregon. We do shamanic journeys together via Zoom to deepen our spiritual knowledge. It is a very enriching experience.

In 2020, I discovered “The Sophia Code, a living transmission from the Sophia Dragon Tribe”, by Kaia Ra. This book contains initiations, channeled through Kaia Ra, from several great ascended female masters. Highly recommended for those who need healing for their feminine divine part. The initiations brought me a very deep integration of my feminine side. I recommend also purchasing the audio book to listen to the initiations.

Meanwhile I had also discovered Dolores Cannon and her QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique). It was a surprisingly good addition to my experiences in the alchemy course. Dolores has spent over 50 years using hypnosis to regress people and travel to other lives. She wrote down the special experiences in 18 books. She reported the sessions as they were recorded. They are, as it were, testimonials from other times. The special experiences she shares and the feedback with my own experiences strengthened my feeling that we are so much more than our bodies. I was still bothered by what she wrote about ETs. In contrast, her books about “Yeshua” reconciled me with the person “Jesus”. Her view of death is also very enriching.

In 2022 I got certified as a QHHT practitioner. During my own sessions I have experienced things that are completely consistent with what Dolores Cannon describes, also in terms of ETs. So my disbelief is gone there too.

At the end of 2022 I discovered the work of Maureen St. Germain, the practical mystic. I took her Merkabah course, based on the technique of Drunvalo Melchizedek, and Akashic Records Reading. I love Maureen’s books. They are very pratical and to the point.

In 2023, Sia Lanu Estrella (https://www.sialanuestrella.com/) came my way with the Rainbow Tablets books. Both her YouTube channel and the books are very powerful. Her authenticity, strength and integrity appeal to me greatly.

I also like Daniel Scranton’s channelings (https://danielscranton.com/). The information he receives supports my personal development. As with most channelings, it is not just the words but also the vibrations transmitted that are important.

I now feel that I have a fairly complete palette of tools to help others on the spiritual path. It is not a matter of learning spirituality, but rather of remembering who we really are. Remembering that we are much more than a body, that the Divine is within us, not outside of us.

If you feel inspired, I would love to meet you.