Soul Coaching

Through soul coaching I want to guide and support you on your path to yourself, to discover yourself. I want to help you see the light within yourself and experience that you are more than just a body.
Each of us has an inner sun, but sometimes we forget that and are absorbed by the heaviness of the 3rd dimension.
By focusing on what feeds you and letting go of what holds you back, new doors appear. I draw your attention to those doors. You choose which door you want to open.

It starts with building a relationship with your higher self. Your higher self is the version of you that resides in the 5th dimension.
In the 5th dimension, joy, balance and harmony are always present and there is no polarity.
From this angle it is possible to gain a better understanding of your soul mission.

“Many assume that the shift to the fifth dimension is about moving yourself to a better place, like getting an upgrade from a flea motel to a five-star resort, but it’s not like that at all. You are changing yourselves and as you do so the world outside of you seems to be changing. But truly, you are the ones who are changing, and when you operate from that higher vibrational perspective, you will see, experience and be able to do things that you cannot do now.”
Translated from Ascension – the shift to the fifth dimension, volume 4 – The Arcturian Council, channeled by Daniel Scranton – page 4

I teach you to connect with your higher self using a 100% sure method taught by Maureen St Germain.
Through various tools I guide you in your spiritual growth and assist you if you have questions or doubts. I completely tune in to your needs and where you stand on your path.
I give tips and act as a sounding board for your experiences.

This can be done in person with me in Ronse, in the Flemish Ardennes, on relocation, during a walk or via Zoom.

“I see you”
This sentence is definitely for me.
one of the most beautiful and powerful phrases from the movie Avatar.

I see you as you are deep inside,
where your soul resides.

I see you without judging you, without blaming you,
welcoming all of you.

I see you without expecting anything from you because
my expectations and my projections could damage you
and veil your deep identity.

I see you in all your dimensions
and rich with all your experiences.

I see you because I already know you are
a perfect complete being.

I see you, it’s my way of welcoming you unconditionally,
and doing this, I allow you too to see yourself
and welcome you as you are.

I see you, it’s allowing you to be, to radiate,
without filters, without masks and without fears.

I see you. »

from Geraldine Amelin