Akashic Records

Reading of the Akashic records is done remotely via Zoom.

A session lasts 50 minutes and is recorded.

I use the method taught by Maureen St Germain within the St. Germain Mystery School

 (https://stgermainmysteryschool.com/what-is-akashic-records/ )

The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records or Akashic Records are a living energy field that contains all information, thoughts, feelings, experiences of all souls, all events in all universes. You can compare it to a dynamic library that is continuously supplemented and adapted with new information.
Each of us has our own files from the moment you originated as a soul from the Source. So all your lives, thoughts, feelings, deeds, statements, experiences, soul contracts, but also possible futures.

Consulting the Akashic Records is done by contacting the guardians of the files that are in the 11th dimension. They provide information that can contribute to your soul growth. This can be information about yourself, about your soul, about your mission, your relationships, your work, etc. Everything can be discussed.

The Guardians and Guides don’t make predictions, but they can explain potential futures based on the choices you’ve made so far.

The Akashic records are mentioned in many scriptures such as the Bible as “The Book of Life”. Edgar Cayce, the famous American “sleeping prophet” also called it that. The chronicles were his source of information during his sessions.

The Akashic Records are constantly changing and expanding. That is not surprising, because our soul is also constantly changing, growing and developing. With every change of the soul, every growth and every form of development, the Chronicles of this soul are adjusted again. The closer you get to yourself, i.e. the more you come into alignment with your perfection, the more refined the information in the Chronicles becomes visible.

What can you expect from a session

Your guide will open the Akashic records for you.

You get opening words from the keepers of the records

After the opening words, ask your questions

Duration of a session: 50 min

What will this bring you

Valuable insights to recognize patterns in your life.

Growth opportunities for your soul.

Advice for your well-being.

Support for your current life.

New possibilities.

Insight into possible choices and life paths.

What will you experience

The guards’ answers can be very direct and short, or long and elaborate. In the Akashic Records you are always approached where you are at that moment. You will never receive information that you are not (yet) ready for.

They love you and will always approach you positively.

They can convey their message very intensely, but always lovingly.

During and after the session you can experience feelings of inner happiness, love, wholeness, peace and well-being.

How does a session go?

Sit comfortably.

No crossed arms or legs.

Enter your full name as stated on your identity card.

Your guide will ask you for permission to open your records.

The opening of Akashic Records takes place with a ceremony. Your guide will silently do a 2 minute meditation and then announce that your records are open.

Your guide will then briefly align with the Record keepers and Akashic guides and wait for opening words or images. As they come in, the guide will articulate that information to you. This can take 20 seconds to 20 minutes.

Please wait to ask questions until these opening words are finished. This is announced with “We are ready to answer your questions.”.

After all your questions have been asked or after 50 minutes, the records will be closed again.

Possible questions

The guardians of the Akashic Records are at your disposal to promote your soul growth. For this reason, you can ask any question you want.

Possible blockages can be removed. Some blockages can come from traumatic experiences from past lives. By asking questions about it now you can remove it.

Please note: this is not divination. Questions about the future are not answered in this way, but provide possible paths and outcomes.

It is recommended to ask “what is helpful to know” about some event, or plan.

If you are asking about another person, please provide his/her full name: Answers are related to access levels to know any specific information

Continue asking questions until the 50 minutes are up or you feel like it’s enough. If you feel you would like more time, please let me know before the 50 minutes are up.


    Spiritual Growth:

    • What practices, tools or teachers are useful for me at this time? How can I assure my Ascension in this timeline?
    • Where am I from (star system etc.?) How can knowing this help me?

    Family life:

    • Have (fill in the name) we been together in the past, why are we together now?
    • Why is it not working now?
    • How can they with these (fill in the blank) decisions?

    Social interactions:

    • I am planning a trip. What may I know about my trip that is be helpful?
    • As I look at how my decisions have impacted my life, how may I do this differently?
    • How can the Record Keepers and Guides help me in my relationships?
    • Where shall I focus my loving support in this (life, meeting, journey, situation)?
    • What is the highest priority for me at this time to (resolve, act upon, say, do) in this situation?
    • What steps can I take to assist me in my transition in my (career, partnership, health, spiritual journey, awakening to…) with grace and ease?

    General Questions:

    • What is blocking me regarding this (Fill in the blank – i.e. situation, meeting, group, person, etc.) What is my soul’s purpose? How may I best actualize it?
    • Am I avoiding my soul’s purpose? In what ways?
    • How do I clear my pain from (fill in the blank)?
    • I feel like I am held back from (my career, my fitness/health, my spiritual growth….)? What may I learn from this experience? How may I best address it!
    • How may I love (myself, person, situation etc.) more?
    • Regarding (my experience, fill in the blank) What may I know about this?
    • How do I integrate this information?
    • How may I understand my soul’s journey with regard to (my career, my partner, my family, my pets, my business, my community, my friends)?
    • Are any of these people my allies in this situation (life, meeting, journey, situation)?
    • What may I do to improve my outlook to the most loving expression?
    • What is the highest and best way for me to discern (valid information, my heart’s journey, the truth in my own communication with others…)?
    • What may I do to open my eyes to another dimension of (my journey, my education, my partner)?
    • What motto or phrase may be helpful to this (communication, situation, passage, inquiry) to support me with grace and ease?
    • Why does this (thing, remark, episode, story, book, movie….) seem important to me?
    • Why does this (person, situation, thing) feel so painful to me?
    • Why does this (person, situation, thing) feel so joyful to me?
    • How do I move forward on (fill in the blank)?
    • How may I best stay in my joy?