For QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) I facilitate through deep meditation (theta hypnosis) the contact between you and your higher self. The healings and the answers come from within you. The session will be recorded so that you can listen to the answers again.

The questions can be about anything. Think of it as a gateway to the Google of all that is. You can also ask questions or request healings for other people.

A session lasts 4,5 to 6 hours and takes place in Ronse, Belgium.

I frequently organize group regressions in English to past lives, to your guides, to the future via Zoom.
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More information about QHHT can be found at https://www.qhhtofficial.com

What is QHHT

QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) is a technique that opens the gates to your subconscious. This gives you more insight into your motives and what prevents you from living fully. You also gain access to your self-healing ability.

What will a session bring you?

A deep relaxation.

A sense of well-being.

Answers to your deepest questions.

A greater understanding of who you are.

Self healing of physical ailments.

Valuable insights to recognize patterns in your life.

Growth opportunities for your soul.

Advice for your well-being.

Support for your current life.

New possibilities.

Insight into possible choices and life paths.

What can you expect during a session?

You will relax physically.

You will see images and/or feel emotions.

You can feel tingling, heat and cold, energy flowing through the body,
movements in your body during healing.

You will watch a movie as a spectator while hearing yourself talk.

How does a session go?

There will first be a two-hour conversation to tune in and relax the emotional and mental body. This prepares the body to enter a deeper state. It is important for the session that I get a good feel for your life, who you are and what concerns you, so that I can ask the right questions when you are under hypnosis. The results of the session and the healing depend on this. Everything you say is strictly confidential.

This is followed by two hours of hypnosis. The hypnosis is done while lying on a
comfortable bed.
The hypnosis is induced by telling you a story that brings you in a theta
condition. From this deep relaxation, you begin to see images or get impressions that you tell aloud. I respond to that to bring you deeper into the theta state.
The images may contain information about past lives, current life, or
future lives. With the QHHT technique your higher self takes you to the most convenient time and place to find your answers that can help you in this life.

After about one hour, I request the presence of your higher self. This is your 5th
dimension version. This version knows only joy, and has access to all information about you or beyond. This version can also restore the body. It is to this version that I ask the questions that have been agreed with you in advance. Everything is recorded so that the answers can be listened to again.

After completing the hypnosis, you will be brought back to full consciousness and what happened during the session will be discussed.

A session lasts 4 to 6 hours depending on the situation.


I know I won’t have any problem hypnotizing you. It’s extremely easy, because hypnosis is so easy. We are actually all day by hypnotized.

Hypnosis is very simple once you understand what is really happening.

We use the natural state of the brain. You are basically under hypnosis for most of the day! So everyone, without exception, can be hypnotized.

There are four types of brain waves. We are constantly moving from one state to another all day long.
The Beta (14Hz) wave corresponds to the state of being fully awake.
The Alpha (7Hz) wave is the first altered state used by most hypnotists. It is the lightest form of trance. You get that, for example, after watching television for 60 seconds is already enough to sit in Alpha trance. Then you are already very susceptible to suggestion. Advertisers use that to drive you to buy. Another example if you are reading a book and don’t notice someone entering the room. Or if you work in an open office and need to shut yourself off from the noise, if you daydream, meditate, or pray, or take a monotonous car ride, then you’re in Alfa too. This is a completely natural state of the body. There’s nothing weird about that at all.
The Theta (4-7Hz) wave is the deepest level of trance. This is the level at which I work for hypnosis and is also a very natural state. You pass into Theta at least twice a day: just before you go to sleep and just before you wake up.
Then you go into Delta (<4Hz) when you are deep asleep.

With this QHHT technique I bring you into Theta and keep you there. This is the somnanbulistic state (sleepwalking). That is the level where we can find all the information. That is the level where the healing occurs.

There is nothing to fear from this condition. We just use a very natural state that you know.

And in that state we can work with the greatest power of the universe:

Total love.
Called by some the subconscious mind or the higher self, higher consciousness, universal consciousness.
The subconscious is not the subconscious that psychiatrists call it. They are talking about the child part of the mind.
This force knows everything about everyone and is referred to as “they” because often your guides are also present.
They have the overview, they know why you came to this session, they know what your plan is for this life, what contracts you have made with others.
They can instantly heal and cure you.

Why not connect with something that knows everything? Why wouldn’t we go to something like that? Your ratio may try to intervene, but that’s no problem. Your conscious thinking may remain to the side as an observer. He cannot intervene once you are in a deep trance.

Self healing

No one should ever get sick. We should never experience pains and symptoms. Because the body is a wonderful tool that can repair itself and take care of itself if we don’t intervene. Unfortunately, we make ourselves sick. But if the mind is strong enough to make us sick, then it can
it heal you too. We just need to find out why you’re making yourself sick.
Any illness or pain is a message from the body.

At first you get mild complaints, here and there. But if you don’t pay attention to it, it gets stronger and stronger. Pain is a powerful means of getting your attention. It is therefore important to try to understand what it wants to teach us. Once we have understood the message or lesson, then the message is no longer needed and we are healed!

Sometimes the cause lies in another life. For example, we can transfer the way we died in a past life as an inconvenience or an illness. A typical cause of asthma is, for example, an inveterate smoker who died of a lung disease in a previous life. Sometimes it is also karma that we transfer.

But when we go to the subconscious, we get an answer to all our questions. Those answers are then brought into the body and the healing can occur. It’s miraculous what can happen!

Tips for a successful session

98% of what happens in a session depends on you.

You must be willing to cooperate.

I am just a facilitator.

If you really want to get rid of your ailments and you really want the answers, your higher self will help you. Your higher self can only help if you really want help and ask for it.

I will do that for you with my questions.

The higher self

The higher self is that larger part of you that communicates with you 24/7, in every way possible, not just through words. This version knows only joy. It has access to all information and it brought you to me because it wants to help you.

The higher self is very powerful and very loving and protective. It won’t do anything that would harm you mentally or physically and is watching that I don’t either. The higher self has a very different frequency than the physical body, it is your 5th dimensional version, so sometimes, but not always, as it comes closer to communicating or healing there can be physical sensations. Typically there can be a pressure around the head, sometimes a slight headache, tingling, heat or cold, energy flowing through the body. Just remember that this is the higher self that will not harm you and wants to help you. The physical sensations will completely disappear after the healing or after the session.

Examples of questions

  • What is the purpose of my life, why am I here on earth?
  • What is the purpose of my soul? How can I best achieve this?
  • Why was I born into this family?
  • Why is my relationship with… so difficult? Can I heal that?
  • Why do I have those physical complaints? I want to get rid of it now.
  • What is useful for me to know now about…
  • What limits my view of this situation?
  • Why does … seem important to me?
  • How should I proceed about …
  • How can I best remain in my joy?
  • What techniques, exercises, teachers are useful to me right now?
  • How can I ensure my ascension on this timeline?
  • Where am I from, what star system? How does knowing this help me?
  • Have … and I been together in other lifetimes? Why are we together now?
  • Why is my relationship with… not working?
  • When I look at the impact of my decisions on my life, how can I do it differently?
  • What should I focus my loving attention on in this situation, this life, this encounter,…
  • What is the highest priority for me right now to do, resolve, say,…
  • What steps should I take to help me transition smoothly from career, relationship, awakening,…
  • What is blocking me due to …
  • Am I evading my soul’s purpose? How?
  • How can I reduce the pain due to … dissolve?
  • I feel thwarted because of … What should I learn from this? How can I best handle this?
  • How can I love myself more?
  • How can I … love to see more?
  • What can I learn from the experience…?
  • How do I best process this information?
  • How can I best understand my soul path due to my career, my partner, my family, my animals, my company, my community, my friends…?
  • Are these people my allies in this situation…?
  • How can I adjust my expectations in the most loving way?
  • What is the best way to distinguish information?