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“I was able to experience this QHHT method as a test subject and what a blissful moment.. In itself it takes quite a long time, but this is absolutely no problem because it is so interesting and is presented with so much respect by Hélène. Is so much information that the recording really needs to be listened to several times. For me it gave back confidence of “it will be ok”. “I can learn to trust my intuition”. Physically there has also been a change to something new, something better. An experience that has not left me untouched and that I would like to experience again in the future.”
Patricia K.

“What a great experience my QHHT session with Hélène was
An unforgettable journey through time and space with insights into the here and now. A deep contact with my higher self with answers to existential questions.
With Hélène as facilitator of a QHHT session, you are in good hands at all times! She sets out a safe space, monitors the safe boundaries of the session and asks the right questions. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to experience what else there is beyond the known time and space. “

Sarah E.

“It was a blissful experience! I knew I was safe with you anyway and I opened up completely. “Hypnosis” may sound frightening, but that is totally unjustified. It brought me into a state of total deep rest and relaxation, but you still have control somewhere. It therefore brought me answers that I needed to understand certain parts of my feelings. The sessions also brought me very clear messages that I need to focus on and that indeed gives me strength to keep going and keep believing. Thank you Hélène, it was and is an enormous enrichment for me.”
Stéphanie V.

“A few months ago I experienced a hypnotherapy session with Hélène.
As a rational thinking person I had little to no expectations, but with an open mind it actually went surprisingly well.
Hélène guides you very professionally from start to finish.
On a life question I got a better picture and since then migraine attacks have not returned, so a very good result for the time being.
I am very happy and grateful for this special experience!”

Katrien VH

“The healing was and is immense for me, what a turnaround and progress in my life! Priceless.
On the way back after the session I immediately felt that a whole load had been lifted off my shoulders. I literally and figuratively felt enlightened. The next few days I felt especially mentally strengthened. Then it started to get better physically, but I didn’t realize that right away. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I realized that I was in much less pain and fatigue, even though I had just been very active. After living with CFS and FM for many years, I can now see a very big difference. A serious wrist infection that had also bothered me for more than a year has finally disappeared.
I feel confident, I shine again and walk with my head held high again. I have the willpower and the decisiveness to tackle deferred tasks, unfinished jobs and plans. I also made a few important decisions that I had also been postponing for years out of fear and uncertainty. I don’t doubt anymore, I know what I want and I’m going for it. I no longer lose sleep over what others think of me. I have become much kinder to myself. I live in the now and experience great confidence in the future. Everything will be fine, everything will be fine.
A lot fell into place and a lot of clarity came. I can now place and understand certain things much better. Thank you, universe, for this revelation. Thank you, Hélène, for your ever-present kindness, for this opportunity and incredible journey under your expert, safe and loving guidance.”

Magda B.

“A special experience. I can still tune in to the messages I received. it has further expanded my consciousness and made me experience a deep love for myself and life. Hélène does this with such abandon and gentleness. thank you, dear wife. you are an angel. I wish you and your clients a wonderful journey through the path of QHHT. “
Karin VG

“Hélène took the time to listen to my story. Then she put me in another state. I heard myself talking and was sometimes surprised by the answers. It’s like your best friend is giving you advice, and it’s your own soul. Nice to make contact with them in a very direct and fast way. Because it is a lot of information, I use the answers sparingly, as a source of inspiration. Hélène is very caring and helpful throughout the session. I had complete confidence. She puts you at the center. A wonderful journey for and about yourself.”
Sofie D.

“As a sober, rational person, I was surprised when Hélène invited me to the QHHT session. I agreed with an open mind and expectation to participate.
The warm atmosphere in the office invites you to relax. Hélène’s soft, yet controlled voice completes the relaxation.
I have little recollection of the train of thought during my relaxation. Fortunately, I can go back to the recording to further delve into my higher consciousness.
The conversations prior to the relaxation went very far back in time and in my memory and gave a clear picture of long forgotten events. That alone gave me a very good and warm feeling.
The problems I had been facing for quite some time were discussed and analyzed in detail.
First of all there were the mood swings that caused me a lot of trouble. By delving deeper into possible causes, a solution was finally found. By holding a daily meditation session, the opportunity was given to work on this. This has indeed worked well so far and caused a particularly positive effect on my emotions.
My knees bothered me a lot as a physical complaint. This is due to wear. Since I am an avid walker, this had a negative effect on my movement pattern. Attention was repeatedly drawn to this painful experience during the session, with the result that this ailment receded into the background and I was able to make a mountain trip for four hours during the last vacation without any problems.
Thank you Hélène for your selfless help and the opportunities you gave me to address and resolve my emotional and physical problems!”

Claudine B.

“Surprisingly I have never experienced anything like this before, highly recommended for anyone looking for further inner growth, I was also diagnosed with an incurable auto immune disease  and this has not been there since my GHHT session with you, this will be followed up but who know…has my higher self decided to release the incurable…the session lingers”

Update: “Yesterday I had to go to the hospital for further follow-up of my (according to the specialist doctors incurable) autoimmune disease and to their great surprise  it was no longer there! They didn’t understand because they couldn’t… I had my own idea… I thought of Hélène’s wonderful Healing session a few months ago… Thank you very much for this”
Sophie S.

“Congratulations Hélène on this new milestone!
Thank you for allowing me to be one of your test subjects and to get to know a new technique to get even closer to my inner knowing and feeling. I am sure many people will take advantage of your abilities to find healing and answers on a deep level. It was an intense experience that still affects me a few months later. What I was allowed to experience then gives peace, hold on and confidence in these moving times. The sound recording that I can listen to at any time ensures that the experience is not fleeting, but can open up further in layers.”

Adinda V.

“Full of confidence I surrendered to Hélène’s healing therapy. Her calm and soft voice guided me throughout the session. She took her time for an interview beforehand so that she had enough information and knew what questions to ask the higher self. That leads to personal answers to life questions that you thought impossible. Moreover, you will enjoy a healing during the session, where your needs lie. For example, since then I no longer suffer from a sore knee, despite taking the same long-distance trips.
I received information about a part of my childhood, which I (unconsciously) had completely closed off and therefore had no knowledge of. This ensures that I gained new insights and understand myself better. Very concrete and lasting results and this for a minimum of effort (you are in complete rest mode! Wonderful). Thank you Hélène for giving me that chance! You do this in a very professional way, with a lot of love and respect! Good luck.”

Stéphanie H.

“I would like to thank Helene Hélène Derijcke for her beautiful and powerful session QHHT or quantum healing hypnosis technique that I received on Thursday. How wonderful how it works. Hélène takes her time and listens to what you have to say. When she finally starts after a thorough conversation and a Teta meditation I feel how I sink away and surrender but am also still present. I still hear everything. The session gave 2 heavy past lives as a child of about 8 to 10 years. From the past life then came the many questions that were easily answered by my higher self. It is impossible to describe everything. I have seen, felt, understood, gained insight into the blockages. When I came back into beta after more than 2 hours I felt awake and fully rested. The session lasted a total of 7 hours…while I had the feeling that it was only a short time.
Thank you Helene. You do wonderful work. I wish you a lot of work…because you are doing a great job.”

Gerda C.


“I am an Akashic Records Guide, and I highly recommend Hélène for your Akashic Records reading! I completely trust her with my readings. I can’t really describe in words the experience I had during my reading with Hélène. She has the ability to channel information from the highest dimensions, and she revealed a wealth of information about my life’s purpose and practical recommendations on how I may enhance my life experience. She helped me shed light upon questions and issues that were ongoing in my life. I highly recommend a session with Hélène and I am so happy and grateful our life paths have crossed.”
Kristin K, Wellington, New Zealand , June 1, 2023

“I had the most wonderful experience with Helene in my Akashic Reading session. I was able to ask very detailed questions and the answers that came through were very clear and concise. Even though the session was on Zoom, I was still able to feel the huge energies that were coming through her, like it would have been if we were in the room together.
Helene creates a safe and warm environment, where you feel free to ask those questions that can feel hard to ask. Her work is channelled with so much love and I felt very clear and full after the session. With my answers answered, I have been able to move forward in a more powerful way and have further clarity on reasons why I may have been stuck in some areas of my life.
I would highly recommend Helene ”

Olivia G. UK

“Experiencing an Akashic reading from Helene has been a very valuable element in my evolution as a human being during this time frame. Helene is a natural channel of the records and her reading for me gave me excellent support for the areas I was already working on plus giving insight and further information that helped me move past those places where I was stuck. Helene is not only naturally gifted, she is also very trustworthy and sensitive to the information she accesses for her clients. The record keepers know us intimately and they are able to articulate their messages clearly through Helene which is of great benefit for those of us seeking deeper information. I highly recommend an Akashic reading from Helene who is completely genuine and stands aside to allow the information to come through with purity and authenticity.”
Sandy B. USA

“The Akashic Reading I had with Helene Derijcke recently was an important part of my journey and spiritual growth . 
The Reading solidified the importance of listening to my inner wisdom and guides. Helene ’s Reading deeply resonated with me and was very helpful in how I proceed.
She has a gift and I encourage anyone struggling with why they are here or what their purpose is, to avail themselves of her services. They are invaluable. 
Blessings Sharon”

Sharon S. USA

“I find it very interesting to know where I, as an entity, come from. It all fits with who I am now and how I behave in certain situations. I have received clear answers that allow me to better understand certain situations. I can now better understand the behavior of my family, husband and children, how they behave, why they behave in certain ways and why I react in a certain way. I have gained a different view and now actually accept more that things are as they are, because I now know what I have to learn from this to grow further. Definitely recommended. Thank you dear Hélène.”
Stephanie V. Belgium

“Helene took me through my first Akashic Record Reading! 
The experience was unlike anything I imagined as the answers to my questions were not succinct yes/no responses nor did it feel like a cold reading. 
It felt as if Helene knew who I was at my core, only after being introduced a few minutes prior. 
The answers I received from my reading were all very positive and have helped me to discern the path toward my optimal path in life! 
I already started another questions sheet for my next reading!”

Kyle M. USA